Are you a creative entrepreneur searching for that balanced, fulfilled life being your own boss promised you? But instead you find yourself stuck in a spin cycle you just cannot seem to escape?  

Let me guess, you’re exhausted by the rat race.  

As a business owner, wife, mom and creative entrepreneur there are unique challenges we face that others just don’t seem to get. The guilt you feel when your spouse gets home and dinner isn’t on the table (or even started) but wait! I’ve been working all day, doesn’t that count for something? The go-getter drive to make big things happen and still you find yourself numbing out to Gilmore Girls during your “work hours”. The social media highlight reel you’re trying not to not let control you and yet some days you just feel sad and aren’t really sure why.  

It’s not just the next payday and designing an exceptional customer experience we entrepreneurs have to conquer any more. It’s a complex world. Isn’t it time that we female owned small businesses come together and talk about the issues unique to us? What if you had a community of like-minded women hustling for the same pursuit - a fulfilling life and a successful business? What if you could talk weekly amongst friends who “get it”?  


On March 1, 2017 I decided to step outside the bubble, go off the grid and do something radically counter cultural - I QUIT SOCIAL MEDIA. Yep! That’s right. Those tiny squares and curated grids building perceptions of a perfect life across the screen. That highlight reel that was doing more than just making me compare my home decor and fall wardrobe, but was actually completely robbing me of joy. Four years ago I started my own company and despite the odds and all the things I didn’t get right, it grew. Bigger than I could even imagine at the time really. In my first year I hit six-figures and have continued to double my sales numbers each and every year. In January 2017 after my biggest month in sales ever (think bigger than my entire first year big)... I made it! If anyone should have been happy, content, fulfilled, it should have been me. But instead I found myself emotionally spent. I couldn’t keep up with the noise, the demands, the lure of more. So I did the only thing I knew to do. I walked away. 

We live in a culture that encourages success, not fulfillment. If you want fulfillment you'll have to work for it and risk feeling like the odd duck sometimes. - Brian Gost, Radical Simplification

This one statement changed everything. YES! This is what I was feeling and couldn’t put into words. You see, our world is laser focused on “success” but at what cost? And honestly, this conversation isn’t just about social media. It’s about a complete mindset shift. It’s about choosing to live counter-cultural—to chase something even better, fulfillment.  

A community of go-getters, dream-chasers, and entrepreneurs in pursuit of enough. That place where our go-getter hearts meet contentment in the moment. On mission to build radically fulfilling businesses that support the lifestyle of our dreams. 

WHAT'S INSIDE : This is a community seeking the answers together. A community of lifestyle entrepreneurs - life first. Entrepreneur second. A community seeking a way out of restlessness, overwhelm and discontent. A place to have real conversations about things other than SEO + Email funnels (even though we’ll probably cover those too!) but maybe to chat about how to turn those screens off and have real conversations with our spouses again. Ouch. 

on the weekly

- Each week you’ll receive an email including the weekly video training + a prompt for the week. - The weekly 5-10 minute quick video training by Shanna or a guest speaker will be housed inside the private Facebook group regarding business + life relevant topics including : relationships, money, productivity, spirituality, curiosities or mindset. - An audio version will be sent for easy listening on the go for those of you who don’t want to watch a video standing in the Target line wrangling two little ones. - Along with the training you’ll receive a prompt question to spur conversation around the topic. The community will be centered around this one question for the week. - Along with the training + prompt, as a community we will test a weekly action step to find ways that work around these topics. So we don’t just talk about our woos and victories, but actually back it up with action! - And Bonus : Monthly community swap meets to pick the brains of your fellow FLP members to spur each other on. Because this isn’t a community around “hey, where do you print your journals” or “what meal delivery service do you use” but wouldn’t it be nice to open up the floor once a month to ask these general questions it’s sometimes just hard to know where else to ask?! 


Once you subscribe, you'll be officially a part of the community! You'll receive a welcome emal sequence from Shanna sharing more about the nitty gritty and "how it works". 


Each Friday we accept new members into the private Facebook group! Once inside you'll have access to the vault of past video trainings so you can dig around + Netflix style binge on great content. New training is released each Monday for community discussion.


Here's the cool thing! Not only will you be receiving #realtalk each week. You also have the opportunity to submit your own questions (anonymously) to be considered for group discussion. 

But don't take it from me . . .

"Shanna is like the best friend that comes into your house when you are in your PJs with messy hair, your kids are crying and the dishes are piled high. She sees all of your dirty laundry you have kept a secret and offers help and encouragement and a pathway to a better life." Carrie Moe, Founder Type A Society styling + event design 

"Thank you so much for all you do, Shanna. For following the hard roads of being counter cultural and really working to find a way to really LIVE while making money and pursuing dreams." Allison Schreck - Bramble Floral, florist

"Your words of encouragement and just knowing that I am not the only one who deals with these business issues has calmed so many of my nerves." Siobhan Whipp, photographer

"Can't thank you enough for building such rich, empowering training. I'm seriously floored on a weekly basis." Taylor Curry, graphic designer 

Mark your calendar! The Fulfilled Life Project officially launches March 1, 2018. Shanna's one year social media free anniversary!