You’re endlessly hustling, only to see pennies in your bank account … and every time you need to make a business expenditure, your palms sweat—what if you don’t have enough to pay all the bills?  

You totally understand that at some point, you’re going to have to spend money to make money when it comes to the whole figure-out-your-business’s-profitability thing, and it’s something you’ve got to master as a business owner. But some (okay fine—most) days, you feel like your schedule’s running YOU … and it’s time to go another week without paying yourself as penance. After eyeing that pile of client work on your desk, you realize you need to shout to your hubs in the living room to hit record on your show: it’s gonna be a late night for you … again. .  

Imagine learning the exact process to a clearly-laid-out business plan--so there’s no more scratching your head about how many clients to take on or breaking out in a cold-sweat at family events thinking of the pile of work due … yesterday. You’d be able to tame the chaos and pay the bills, sure, but even start dreaming bigger about things like paying your kids’ college tuition, taking that international trip or sabbatical, or hey, just being able to decorate your house.  



Business strategist and financial coach for creatives. I don’t want to talk about the shiny stuff—I dig into the business stuff no one is talking about with creatives just like you, so we can set you up with a business roadmap to build a sustainable, profitable, life-enriching business.  

The Blueprint Model was designed to firstly tackle the fear of not having enough … you know, the mind-numbing, soul-crushing hustle you know far too well—and then, give you permission to build it differently. This is about building your house on solid rock instead of sinking sand.  

My mission is to start a movement of creative entrepreneurs—just like you—committed to building profitable, sustainable businesses purpose-built to support the lifestyle of their dreams. I believe in laying down the chaos. I believe in picking up contentment. I believe we can bring the basics back to your business. I believe in hard work and stewardship of gifts and talents. I believe in 3 month sabbaticals involving month sabbaticals involving s’mores & campfire kisses with my husband somewhere under the Wyoming sky. I believe just because you’re an artist doesn’t mean you have to starve, and sometimes I can't believe that I get to spend my days looking into your eyes and reminding you that…so let’s hit pause and take time to build it better.  

The step-by-step formula to creating a business model that works! A business built for life! 12-weeks to building a business designed around the lifestyle you want most, giving you a sense of freedom knowing you’re pursuing your own version of success. Positive you are on the right track to profit (ahem, pricing the right way and equipped with scripts to avoid discounting!), Systems in place to tame the chaos, and a clear vision and purpose to avoid the all too entangling comparison trap. Sounds pretty great, right?

WHAT'S INSIDE : During our time together in my 12-week program, you’ll get the fundamentals of business, organizing a simplified work operations plan, learn how to steward your money with intention, and get a path to deliver your freshly re-designed business offerings to the right audience.

The deets: 

- 12 weeks of step-by-step coaching with me through The Blueprint Model’s Proven Business Model Design Formula

- 25+ training videos on building a brand presence, marketing, time management, operations + productivity, financial planning.

- A 60-page follow along workbook with lesson prompts for deeper learning.

- Shanna's financial toolkit with 15 easy-to-use worksheets + instructional videos.

- Bonuses—Implementation application stuff—where we tee things up for your next steps.  


Building Block 1-3 : Define + Design  

  • Redefining Success based on your Core Motivator ™

  • Going beyond the Vision + Mission statement. 

  • Building a purpose-built business 

  • Application Bonus : Writing Compelling Copy

  • From the expert Bonus : Branding Essentials with Megan Gonzalez of Mae Mae + Co  


Building Block 4-6 : (re)lay the foundation 

  • Business Model 101 : The who, what, why and how of your business
  • Evaluate your Time Bank™  
  • Identifying your Ideal Client  
  • Conducting Market Surveys aka Shanna’s foolproof way to create services your ideal clients can’t wait to buy  
  • From the expert Bonus : How to create raving fans with Erin Benzakein of Floret Flower  


Building Block 7-9 : Think like a CEO

  • Numbers to know 

  • Pricing for Profit

  • Shanna's financial toolkit

  • Creating your sales goal


  • How to create a business spending plan

  • Forecasting + setting goals

But don't take it from me . . .

"I'm just so excited to understand all of these numbers and definitely feel equipped to approach next year with new confidence and a concrete plan. I can't thank you enough for this course! It really has changed my entire understanding of my business--I knew that my business was working pretty well before I took this course, but now I understand the why and how and can direct the course of the business! I'm so thankful for everything I've learned from the Blueprint Model. It has been a turning point in understanding what's actually going on with my business. You've given me the tools for freedom. I can't thank you enough!” Mary Love Richardson, Floral Designer + Owner Rosemary and Finch 

"I didn't know what I was getting into before I started the course, but I knew it would be good! Every single exercise was growing and stretching- asking tough questions, making me rethink my processes and dream all over again. Just two weeks into the course, I told my friends "If this is all the course was it would be worth what I paid! Luckily for me, I had ten more weeks of life changing content! Every year I have a new word on my heart. This year my word was "freedom". This course came at the perfect time for me and truly allowed me to see areas of my life that needed freedom that I couldn't see before. Freedom from being enslaved to emails 24/7, comparison, never feeling like I was making "enough" (what was enough?). The other day a friend was talking through all of her concerns with her business- ranging from big dreams to client organization and I kept hearing myself respond with "Well, Shanna covers that!" "Thats in the course too!" "You will find answers in there!"... I had become a Shanna fan and couldn't help but share the good news!" Rylee Hitchner, photography

"My business' numbers have always lived their own life. When the numbers were high I though "great", when they were low I thought - well - actually nothing besides panicking. But those panicking thoughts have come to an end now after having been on the BluePrint Model with Shanna. I now have a better overview over my numbers, and besides that I have learned to define what SUCCESS is to me. These awarenesses means everything to me." Mette Linbergh, artist  

"The Blueprint Model was literally life-changing. Not only from a business perspective, but the program helps you put all the pieces of your life into a beautiful picture of intentionality. Shanna does a FANTASTIC job of guiding you through 12 weeks of building your own roadmap for success. Every bit of money and energy poured into this was WELL WORTH IT, and will be put to great use for years to come." Olivia Huggins, woodcraft artist Olive + Grain

Oops you just missed it! The Blueprint Model™ doors are closed for 2018. Get on the list to be notified when doors open again!