Debt Free by 35!

How ordinary people build extraordinary wealth and how to take control of your money at any age!

with Shanna Skidmore


In this live online workshop I'm sharing with you the exact steps we took to : 

  • Pay off student loan debt in three years
  • Not live paycheck to paycheck (even while launching two creative small businesses)
  • Be completely debt free by 35 (and how you too can take control of your money at any age!) 
  • How to build wealth the right way
  • How to create a spending plan you actually want to live by! 
  • The surprising truth about income & happiness
  • How implementing a "be rich" mentality in our finances was the catalyst to our personal wealth.
  • What financial freedom really looks like and how you too can get there no matter what your current financial state 
  • Answer Your Questions Live. 


Former Fortune 100 financial advisor turned business consultant for entrepreneurs

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Live Online Workshop!

Choose from three convenient times! Starting Tuesday, September 11th at 1:30 PM EDT


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"Shanna gets you to look at all the stuff you’ve been avoiding and shows you all the stuff that's actually going to make a difference. I feel like you’re nanny 911. If I had known all this was possible in the beginning I could have saved so many years of suffering and struggling and at the end of the year having nothing left over, nothing to show for all my hard work. You have totally changed my life."


Fluctuating income isn’t easy to plan a home budget around, can I get an amen? But as entrepreneurs, it tends to be our bread-and-butter cash flow model—so as I transitioned from corporate financial planner to creative entrepreneur, I had to develop a way to manage money that worked with the unpredictability of being an entrepreneur. Now I'm handing over my exact blueprint, so you can feel in control of your finances and create a spending plan that you actually want to live by.

Hi! I'm Shanna Skidmore! Former Fortune 100 financial advisor turned business consultant for creative entrepreneurs just like you! I'm obsessed with making finance approachable (even fun!) and helping ordinary people build extraordinary wealth! Join me as we demystify the should-do's of personal financial planning. See you there!

Photo : Heather Payne Photography