During this free masterclass, you will learn:

  • The perfect sales process | There truly is an art to selling and it takes practice, practice, practice! If you've ever struggled with selling your services and talking money makes your palms sweat, breathe a sigh of relief! This isn't something most of us are naturally good at doing! I'll share some of my big secrets to making your potential new clients adore you, even while you "sell" to them!
  • When to ask about their budget | You didn't have to grow up in the south to cringe when it comes to talking about money! I'll share exactly how & when to bring up budget to avoid clients that can't afford you without scaring off your ideal clients upfront. 
  • How to avoid sticker shock | I'll tell you exactly how & when to bring up price along the way so by the time you actually share their quote they aren't completely caught off guard! I'll share the exact language whether you send custom proposals or standard packages. 
  • How to overcome price objections & avoid discounting | Hint : Educate! Educate! Educate! I'll show you how! 
  • Ask for the sale without feeling salesy | Whether you believe it or not, we have to ask them to buy at some point. I'll help you develop language so you feel comfortable leading them towards a decision instead of twiddling your thumbs for weeks waiting for a reply! 
  • + 5 proven scripts to increase your booking ratio!


Financial Planning & Business Strategy for creatives